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    The double frame and 2 speed rear ends are little clues that this truck was built originally as a dump truck and not converted later. I've used both, and it's little details that you would not give much thought to that make a truck originally designed and built to be a dump truck much better to use. The 2 speed rears are really nice when you need that super low gearing, like backing up a really steep hill, etc.

    As far as the automatic/manual debate goes, do yourself a favor and learn to drive a manual. Even the automated manuals have limitations that make them less desirable for dump truck usage.

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    Hose jockey. Thanks for the info. I am headed to look at the truck this week and test drive it. Anything I should look out for? Seems like a truck that would be a good place to start
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    i beg to differ unless your in some real mountanous terrain, you can put anyone in an auto. out of the 12 guys we currently have, im the only one who can drive stick... we have a tandem mack with allison and the truck is great. its offroad probably about 30% of the time and when it gets stuck we need a d6 to pull it out, nothing that anything with a standard trans would have been able to get out of..
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    an automatic is nice if yr in town traffic a lot. you get tired of all that shifting. I have a 6 speed in my 750 and I've been looking for a older tandem Mack,with a 6 speed to use part time hauling off excavated spoils from pool construction and delievering material to the jobsites. I can only haul 9 tons on the 750 at a time
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    I have a nice RD I will sell you!

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