Tandem Trucks..Full Tandem vs Tag Axle ??

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by gls1320, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. gls1320

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    Browsing over the up coming farm auctions out my way.....I notice a lot of the tandem axle grain trucks have tag axles..some have lifts..some have brakes ( on the tag axle.), seems like some have neither.??? Any pros/cons about buying a truck with tag axle over full tandem.? Bearing in mind this is not off road truck, but for solid gravel roads and/or highways, for hauling irrigation water to remote sites. I realize there is the maintenance issues...but I am speaking of operational ones.. Any thoughts.
  2. Gravel Rat

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    Find yourself a Ford L-9000 tandem with a 222wb with L-10 or 400 Cummins power with a 13spd. I wouldn't be fooling around with a truck with a tag axle. A good tandem with 16,000lb front axle or 18,000lb front axle with 44,000lb rears will give you a gross weight of 26,100kgs.
  3. start2finish

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    if you are using it for on road use it will do okay, but a "dead" exle will get you stuck in a hurry!
  4. TerraFirma Excavating

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    The extra load capacity added by the tag axle is reduced by the weight the tag axle adds to the base truck weight. Throw in the you're wearing more tires tire with it, I don't think it's worth having the tag axle.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    What most contractors here do is have a tank that slips in the back of a tandem axle dump holds about 2500 imperial gallons of water. That is 25,000lbs of weight.

    I drove a rolloff truck few years ago with a 3000 gallon tank on it talk about scarey you have 15 tons of water sloshing around in a non baffled tank. I told the guy I'am not driving this truck with a water can again.

    start2finish is right about the dead axle I seen it happen with transit busses that have a tag behind the drive axle. The load gets taken onto the tag on uneven ground the drive spins in the air.
  6. gls1320

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    I was pretty much leaning toward the full tandem, just wanted to get some feedback about the tag axle scenario.....this truck won't be seeing a lot of miles...so I am not too concerned about the gas engine part of it...diesel motors are great when they are running fine, but there is no such thing as a small repair with diesels,; , unlike gas jobs,; when the diesel gets sick, its time to take a mortgage out to fix' em ...

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