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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by kmeforou, Jan 27, 2004.

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    I have had a single axil trailor for about three years and I have been thinking about getting a tandum. My problem is that I have trouble lining my truck up with the hitch. With a single axil, I would have no trouble moving the trailer to meet the hitch when unloaded. However a tandum is a different story. I would appreciate any response on how you are able to line up your rig without the help of another person. The way I do things now, I would imagine it would take me at least fifteen to twenty minutes to get connected. Any response you can give me that is beneficial will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    look up a thread called "trailer hitch" lots of good pointers there
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    Go to www.ballard-inc.com They have an E-Z Hitch. It fits on your truck's hitch. Has a V shaped plate that you back up to your trailer. As you do that it centers the trailer over the ball. I use it for my heavier trailers, WORKS GREAT!

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    Ditto on the practice! It's all in just depth perception and seeing where your trailer lines up with the side of your truck. Trust me, I never thought I'd get it either. I would back up to my single axle somewhat close then just wrestle it around, I thought I was gonna die the first few times I was in and out of the truck repositioning it. Thank god nobody was watching! Now I can drop my trailer just about anywhere, leave, come back, and be totally hooked up and back in the truck in about a minute. Oh, my trailer is a 8.5' x 20' with 2 dixons, a 33" wb, 21", and a bunch of other stuff from day to day, so NO, i'm not moving it around to get it on the ball.

    I hope this boosts your confidence a little!
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    it's not that hard, you'll get used to it. Just look in your mirrors and center the truck between the trailer and you'll be pretty close. Some days I hookup 5+ times a day and 75% of the time i'm dead on in the first shot.
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    It just takes practice knowing where the truck lines up with the trailer. If you have problems take a dowel rod (or rebar or a stick) and paint the end red (or any bright color) attach it to the center of the front end of the trailer and then make a mark on the top of your tailgate. Back up and line them up.
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    With your trailer hitched look in your mirrors and see where your rear quarters are in relation to your front of trailer. Have a friend place a piece of red tape on the trailer, while you are looking in the mirrors, that match the outline of your rear quarters in relation to the trailer.(both sides) Leave trailer reciever just high enough so that it scrapes the ball. Line up rear of truck with tape marks and listen for the reciever to contact ball.
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    Thanks for all the good advice.

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