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    Hello All,

    Please provide advice or suggestions for the mock up I have provided. I am waiting for answers from the client on a few items, but I am stuck on the unification of the security cans. The client wants 6 recessed cans and motion sensors that can be turned on or off. I am thinking HAI is my only option, unless others have some experience and suggestions. I do not think they are installing a security system, but they want control over their motion sensor security lights. They do not want flood lights, but rather spot lights that can be turned on those areas. Does anyone have experience with a similar request?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Reynolds Lighting

    IMG_1781 - schmid pro. uplights.downlights.secur.sensing - Copy.jpg
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    I have 2 jobs recently ask me to do this for them. They wanted security lights for when one of them is home alone. I suggested the use of UPB to control the landscape lights and a separate low voltage system strategically placed throughout the property. Using a UPB motion sensor and a timer you then can control both as needed. It just seemed redundant to have landscape and security in the same area. As you already know, our eyes are designed to see better in less light if it is designed correctly, therefore it doesn't have to look like security lighting. I hope this helps.

    This is also easily adapted to work with a future alarm or security system. Call me Tanek and I will fill you in on some other details I don't want posted here.
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    Hello Tommy,

    Thanks. I think this is where I am going. What UPB company offers a motion sensor module with their UPB and can it be programmed with upstart, if so I am out of the woods. Thanks for your help.

    Reynolds Lighting
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    check with PCS Tanek...Powerline Control Systems

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