tank cleaning/storage question (Seal-Rite Equipment)

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by JFGauvreau, Oct 16, 2013.

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    I have a SR-700 trailer and was wondering how do you guys keep it clean during the season, and after season. I bought a used one that had old left over sealer in chunks + rust on the inside of the tanks. Not sure if I should worry to much about it, if I will put new sealer it will cover it up anyways. But don't want old stuff contaminating my new sealer.

    For the ones using seal-rite equipment, how long does your tanks stays clean? What do you do to store it in the winter? Spray it with anti-rust? What about the pluming and pump?


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    Clean out old debris as much as possible, but it will never be totally spotless. After you are done for the season you should remove any left over sealer, usually put in 5 gal buckets and store in shop. Don't let it freeze. Clean all plumbing and tank with water, after you have it clean put 6 gal of RV anti-freeze and run through system.
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    Depends how good your wipers are inside the tank for how clean it stays. I keep sealer in mine year round and keep it in a heated building. I do still clean out my hoses and ball joints and put anit-freeze in all the hoses and filter pot just in case it was to freeze I dont have a mess. Def. get rid of your old sealer that has chunks in it. I like to keep a tank full of sealer over the winter incase we have a early spring and sealer is hard to get.
    Or put it in 275 gallon totes so you can move it around with forks in your shop.
  4. JFGauvreau

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    So any kind of anti-freeze you put in? And you fill up your plumbing pipes with it? The guy at seal rite said to leave all the valves open 3/4 in-case there is any water. If I do not fill up my tank over the winter would you think coating the inside of the tank with a anti-rust solution would work?
  5. viper881

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    I use rv antifreeze, and run it through the piping. I leave the valves halfway open that dont go to my sealer tank themselves. I usually leave sealer in it year around. Over the winter i fill it up the whole way.

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