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    I use the lesco spreader sticker, but I have not used Drive yet.

    I hate to admit that I don't know what "MSO" stands for, and I humbly ask that you push back my frontier of ignorance, by filling in the blanks.

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    Here is what I know:

    An MSO is a methylated seed oil, such as soybean oil. MSOs are produced by reacting methanol with whole soybean oil in a process called "transesterification," that changes soybean triglyceride into soybean methyl ester. MSOs are effective in high post-emergent weed pressures because the MSO has a solvency action on the protective wax cuticles formed by weeds.

    They act as amuch better spreader however than a sticker.

    Tremeor said it best in a prvious Lawnsite post:

    You're not the only one who's confused by that label. Even half the people who sell the stuff don't have a clue. I sell it & did the homework. Here's the deal. Drive requires a "spreading agent" to lay the material out onto the leaf. This ensures better contact with the leaf. BASF suggests using crop oils or methylated seed oil (MSO). Most of the folks I deal with don't know where to buy MSO around here. I don't either. So the majority use a regular non-ionic surfactant based spreader sticker. For the purpose of post emergant effect from Drive, this works even better than MSO's. BUT... for the purpose of setting up a preemergent barrier with Drive, this hinders results. A sticker tries to keep the active ingredient on the targeted plant. Drive sets a pre barrier only after it has been washed down into the soil. This is rather tough to do if the sticker is working. All the same, most of my customers don't go out of their way to use oils. They get by fine with Spreader Sticker. One of my customers uses regular horticultual oil as the spreader & swears by it. I don't promote this because our Hort Oil isn't labeled for this use. I doubt the dying weeds care, but the state DEP pesticide division does. To get the most out of Drive & to follow the label to the letter of the law, find MSO & use it for situations where it's neither too early nor too late in the year to get the most out of Drives 4 week residual. Drive does a great job controlling all the weeds it's labeled for.
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    Great post Hamons.

    Thank you for your clear post.
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    Hi, I'm a couple days late on this post, but here goes. Has anyone used Drive on sandburrs? I am currently using Acclaim extra for sandburrs and crabgrass and am not happy with the results. Not to mention the price which is probably closer to $100 per acre. Regards, Foster

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