Tank Mix Turned To Clay

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    Last friday mixed 5 bags of 46-0-0 uflexx (melted) granular and 3.3 quarts of aqua-cap in 200 gallons of water. Used half of it with no problem. Let tank sit for 2 days. Reagitated mix and turned off pump and melted another 2 1/2 bags of uflex melted and added the remaining aqua-cap. Sprayed fine till I got to last 30 gallons. Lost pressure and went to the shop. My strainer was all full of aqua-cap it looked like soft clay. Took out remaining liquid to find the tank bottom all clay. Took all afternoon to clean out.
    What happened???????
    I"m almost to the point of stay away from this mix!
    Anyone else ever had this happen?
    How many of you guys have used this combo and never had any problem????
  2. ted putnam

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    I used Aqua Cap last year some but stopped because I noticed it seemed to settle out between stops if I had any amount of drive time at all. I would get to my next stop and it took a couple of passes before the mix seemed to get the "right" color again. Almost like I needed to recirculate the hose again. I did not like this. I've used barricade with Uflexx this year with no problem. No staining, low odor like the Auqua Cap and seems to stay suspended much better. One more thing, generic version cost about the same and I should get longer residual.
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    I had this problem twice. I was spraying melted urea, pre-em aqua cap, fe, and 3-way. Which I have sprayed many times, for some reason those 2 times the aqua cap seemed to totally clay up at the bottom, it was all I could do both times to spray empty, then go home and clean it out.

    Get away from pendimethalin, it is a nasty product, it stains everything it touches, stinks and doesn't stay in suspension well. I am a prodiamine man now.
  4. ted putnam

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    I am doing R-2 on lawns I sprayed prodiamine on when I did R-1. I am liking what I see as far as results. I don't believe I'll ever go back to pendi. I'm sold!

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