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Tank Purchase


LawnSite Senior Member
southeast Pa.
I just ordered a 100 gallon tank from tankdepot.com. The cost was around $160. I order it, give them my credit card #, then they say they will contact me with freight costs. The next day they email me. $99 for freight! Does this seem high or is it just me.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Yes you are getting it bad. I bought a 1400 gallon tank last fall and it cost 600 dollars. The thing about tanks is they have to be shipped by truck, They take up a lot of room so they are expensive to ship. Find one locally if you can and the cost will include shipping .


LawnSite Senior Member
That seems in line with what I have seen. A 50 gallon tank I was looking at was almost $100 for shipping. That's why I bought mine locally. I found a 65 gallon cheaper locally than what a 50 gallon with shipping would cost.


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Funny you should post about tanks. I just bought a 100 gallon PCO tank for $127.00 at our Fleet Farm. I am gonna use it as a fresh water nurse tank for my 35 gal Z sprayer. $99.00 for shipping is highway robbery.