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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnspecialties, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. lawnspecialties

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    Personally, I'm not "thrilled" about the idea of using one tank sprayer next year. Some of my accounts have nutsedge problems. Some have crabgrass problems. Some just use a lot of glyphosphate in the natural areas with some pre-emergent.

    If I purchase a sprayer next season, it appears my only known option is a Lesco. But what I'm wondering is are there any quality units with maybe three different tanks? You maybe have a valve which controls your herbicide choice. That way, there's no backtracking over certain routes, no mixing of different herbicides, and no wasting herbicides on accounts that need one thing but not another.

    Am I dreaming or talking about something that already exists but I'm unaware? :confused:
  2. grandview (2006)

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    Sounds like an idea but, if you have 3 tanks with valves to switch over the only problem would be that you would have what ever juice you used last in the hose. So you may have 300' of something in it. Or you need 3 different hose reels on the truck.
  3. lawnspecialties

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    Hmmm... Sounds like around $10,000 for three tank-sprayers. No problem!:dizzy:
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    Graham lawn equipment sells a wide variety of tank set ups. The operation you are getting ready to jump into is not for the weak at heart, I bought my first chem truck this year and it's by far the most expensive part of the lawn maintenance business to date!!! The chemicals, labor and insurance far surpass the cost of running the mowers;however, I feel it's the most important part of the business. The companies that keep everything in house seem to be the ones that are surviving and growing in a positive direction (large $$$), if you can weather the storm and get it up and running i think you will be happy with your results. Graham has a website that you can check out their stuff. P.S. a new rig with a NPR, split 400/200 and a 200 third tank and 2 reels will set you back around $52000 and up! I probably should have waited a year longer to get mine, but it's here now. I have found the advertising to be the most important thing about this venture. I am about 95% commercial maint. and this equipment was originally intended for maintaining my own properties and with the schedule, i'm able to squeeze in quite a bit more work, the only problem is that the phone book ads don't seem to run until late summer,so i quess I will see the dividends in the fall. good luck! check with your local trade organizations and i'm sure they have some companies that are local to you.
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    One tank and two backpacks work out well. The plumbing for 3 tanks is complicated and there is a risk of cross contamination. Scroll up and click Gregson Clark spraying equipment.
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    1 main tank for selective herbicides and backpacks for roundup,(now I use PG) insecticides and crabgrass controls. thats the way I have done it for over 20 yrs!
  7. olive123

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    dont underestimate the power of the force...er...um...BACKPACK.
  8. MStine315

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    Westheffer is another source for what you're looking for. But the backpacks have worked for me.
  9. grandview (2006)

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  10. Victor

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    I'd also recommend you look at your options from Gregson-Clarke. I know Rhett sells an injection system, where your spray gun has 2 triggers on it. This gun uses a hose inside of your main hose. That way, you can pull which ever trigger to control what you're going after.

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