Tanner Larson and Cashing In on Christmas

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by ffjoe, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    Hmm, maybe there are 2 tanners, but watch some of the videos. It seems as though both tanners are from Christmas light installer and Christmas light university. cashing in on Christmas seems to be the brown haired tanner. Pretty sure they are connected.
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  2. TimNNJ

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    I did the Christmas light U last year and signed up this year..it's more of a marketing tool..it really dominates google..and other search engines...if you do any search for christmas light installer or somthing close to that christmaslightinstaller.com videos..links..pictures and right ups pop up on the first two pages of google search..you pretty much buy an area...it's pretty cool..I hope they do it for lawn/landscape..google christmas light installer rumson nj...pretty cool
  3. Don M.

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    If you know anything about websites, title tags, back linking, etc., you don't need a program like Christmas Light Installer. Create a web page, promote it, and it will take care of it. There a lots of ways to own "internet real estate".

    Google christmas light installer st. louis and you'll see what I'm talking about. On my end, they are right below me. It wouldnt take much work to do stuff to send them further down the line.
  4. TimNNJ

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    I dont know about those goods. I do need a better web presence for my area for sure.
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  5. turf hokie

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    OK, I finally broke down and checked out the site.

    I didn't get past the first paragraph I read, can someone answer me this, because this isnt the first time I have come across it.

    Where did this idea or sales pitch come from?

    "WE are not a franchise, we are locally owned and operated" come from???

    It really ticks me off, just because I chose to buy into a franchise does not mean I am not locally owned or operated. Sonsabitches, sell yourself and your product not some crap line.....

    I can't be anymore locally owned or operated, own a house here, rent a warehouse here, send my kids to school here, active member of several local organizations, volunteer my time to community and organizations.

    But all it takes is some jackleg to say, "oh he's a franchise, they wont take care of you like I will because I'm local" grrrrrrrrr, gonna knock someone's teeth in next time I hear a potential client being fed that crap....

    might be a long year if some of this cut throat, price shopping crap keeps up....
  6. TimNNJ

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    From what I gathered this Spring when I did my postcards, I put the town were we are located...people liked the fact that we were local....Just my experience with it..I think people think they are getting taken for a ride with franchises..but who knows
  7. David Gretzmier

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    I think also " not a franchise" is a legal disclaimer as well. there is a ton of federal laws and regulations that cover franchises and franchisee's.

    and being associated with a national name has only helped me. so no biggie
  8. lawn_jockey

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    The challenge at the bottom........Tanner Maxson of Christmas Light Installer University and Christmaslightinstaller.com is different from Tanner Larson of cashing in on Christmas

    My name is Tanner Maxson

    We have free training as described above. You are all welcomed to sit in on the webinars.
    Yes we sell marketing leads for $12 residential and $17 commercial leads. Thanks for the discussion guys.

    A couple of you have mentioned how we can take over the page pretty fast for Christmas lights related local keywords.

    Here is the Challenge. Email me a city where you think it would be hard to dominate for Christmas Light Installation.
    Send the challenge to office @ Christmas light installer *dot* com Post on this thread the date and time you sent the challenge to me and then, give me 48 hours to get some results.
    Report back to this thread if I was able to provide front page marketing on Google.

    I don't have time for 30 challenges... So I will take the first challenge I get from you guys.

    Hey while waiting for the results...go get some free training.

    Tanner Maxson
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