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    I live in a development of 700ish homes, and 2 business,from wealthy to blue collar. I have work in the neighborhood already, and mow a property weekly in front on my kids school. Very busy. Like a parking lot there in morning and afternoons. I want to put a yard sign there and offer the customer free mowing in exchange for the sign out front. (That’s not why I posted)The yard is easy and the customer is always referring me etc. I’m trying to think of what I should put on the sign and could use some ideas..

    Hoping to really tighten the route, just got 5 new residential accounts in 10 days in this neighborhood. There’s plenty of work in this area and the other guys are going for the high end homes, full service,commercial,anywhere a zero turn can move full speed.

    I’m always flagged down in the area and could really make this work.. it’s been a while since I had a yard sign.. i have an idea of what to write but would appreciate the feedback. Definitely want it to be basic/ easy and my name and #

    Also within reasonable driving distance there are more developments of the same, and new construction being built.

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    I also plan on doing something online for my neighborhood, not just yet.
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    Speedo is free
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    your name


    your name
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    The phone number is supposed to be as big as lawn & mowing but for some reason isn't staying that way when I hit post. Tried editing it 4 times now...looks good in draft, but post and it goes to small font. hmmmm
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    I’m sure if you make your signs a reflection of your biz, you shouldn’t have any issue with them being successful(might get too much work in a neighborhood of 700).

    With that said, I’m not a fan of yard signs at all. I think they are extremely tacky but they can work nonetheless. I also don’t do biz where I like to play. To me it’s like sh1tting in your sand box. You might not step in for awhile but when you do, you’ll have it all over you.
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    I don't know if you are running big enough trailer or what pickup your running keep in mind if you are above 10000 you have to have dot number and your number name and letters have to be certain size just thought I would throw that out there
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    No issues with business, last year was one of the best years, there is a ton of money to be made here..

    Don’t like yard signs either, between that and marketing I could add another truck and crew.

    Also cut 8 houses on my block, I get the Prius guy gets you mad.. so I’ll ignore your negativityThumbs Up
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    ^^^^ this might sound counter intuitive but I am also not a fan of yard signs. That being said I was definately NOT a fan of the postcard that we used for years for lawn mowing. It looked like a highschool kid put it together... But here's the deal, it worked better than the full color professionally designed postcards I sent out. I would always track and test results. Pro cost me 4 or 5 times the price. Years ago people would argue with me about me company image being hurt by not sending professional stuff out. Well I was laughing all the way to the bank. It worked and we got customers. Now I don't have to send anything out for mowing we actually turn customers away every year. Referrals. I'm pretty sure not one cared that they got a black and white postcard.
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