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  1. JLong

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    anymore in my area the officials are starting to be particular on what they call "spillage" I normally tarp leaves or debris in my truck bed with a cheap wal-mart tarp. however it doesn't always work the best. I was wondering what others do to "secure" their loads don't want to get a $90.00 ticket Thank You.
  2. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I Tarp mine in the trailer as well. However, I have the Heavy Duty tarps from Walmart (the grey ones) and I use two tarps, overlapping the one inthe front of the trailer over the one in the back by about 3-4 Feet. Strap them down good with the Black Rubber Bungee Straps, and I am good to go.
  3. Jason Rose

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    Without a doubt, take a look at Landscaperpro.com and look for "mesh truck tarps", also known as the bulldog tarp. They are AWESOME as truck debris covers. They are not a traditional tarp, these are made out of strands that are in a weave. They let AIR thru the tarp and put an end to the tarp flapping in the wind. I tried several tarps before this one, including a high dollar type that truckers use and it was a PITA. Granted this tarp won't keep water off of stuff under it, but it solves the loose load problems and it's so easy to work with. I can take a couple pics of how mine is set up if you decide this is what you might need.

    p.s. you wonder how long these last? Mine is at LEAST 5 years old, maybe 6, and it's still in very good condition!
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    The mesh tarps like Jason is referring to are without question the best way to go. We call them landscape tarps and use them for covering loads of debris , plant material being hauled to a jobsite , the guys also use them to catch clippings during shrub pruning. Very durable , won't flap and shred in the wind and , imo , looks more professional than those cheapo plastic things. We get ours at John Deere Landscapes.

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