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  1. tonygreek

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    My hesitancy would really only revolve around the notion that their offered rate to you is too good to be true. My guess is that they're discounting their cut to get someone mowing it asap. That company is clearly in their early growth period, so it could be a loss-leader as they try to grab customers and contractors. Their business model is a very expensive thing to scale quickly.
  2. nlmct

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    yeah he claims he had a landscaper but he never showed up and needed it mowed asap idk im gonna mow it on tuesday and see if i get a check if i dont im not loosing really much
  3. Snydermf

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    Make sure to post back with how it goes, as Tony mentioned, there was another thread earlier this winter that a couple of us were asking about them and never found much out. They haven't called me yet but I would like to know how it goes with them in case they do call, I started to sign up for an account and decided to hold off when it came to account numbers and ss numbers
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    This is Ken Davis, I'm the CEO of TaskEasy (so clearly biased). Let me try to at least answer some questions. As to our actual performance as a company, I'll let others independently weigh in, once they have actually tried our services. My marketing team noticed this thread on lawnsite and asked me to post.

    What do we charge? 14% of the actual paid work. No charges for leads, and no dues or membership fees. (If the contractor doesn't have insurance we have to charge an additional ~5% for insurance premiums).

    How fast do we pay? 3-5 days after the work is complete (for electronic payments), or 10-14 days after work is complete (if we have to cut a paper check).

    How long have we been in business? Since 2011.

    How do we price our services? We are mathematicians, and have done statistical analysis in 403 metropolitan areas (where 99% of the people live in the United States) to determine fair market price for services like Lawn Mowing. Our prices are designed to be "fair." Not premium, and not lowball. Occasionally we get the pricing wrong and we rely on our contractors and customers to give us good feedback to improve.

    What is our approach? We believe that many small services contractors want access to modern technology and infrastructure, but can't afford to invest millions of dollars individually. We build smartphone applications, billing infrastructure, marketing and sales frameworks, call center and customer service management. And, we allow our contractors to use any or all of it for the 14% fee. Many of our contractors have migrated their entire book of business over to TaskEasy and just let us deal with all of that noise, in exchange for the 14%. We also book thousands of tasks a week and assign them automatically to TaskEasy certified contractors.

    If anyone would like to speak directly to one of the contractors that has been using us for a while, please give us a call or email us (our number/email is on our website).
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