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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by brentcausey, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I mowed grass all through highschool and college. Back then I used push mowers and $99 wal-mart weedeater brand string trimmers. Business has just been growing and last summer we ended up with about 20-25 residential plus 2 apartment complexes and a trailer park. I paid taxes under my name as my CPA advised me. I have not been keeping up with expenses, etc.

    This upcoming season I am going to keep up with all of this but I have a few questions. What EXACTLY does the DBA too? From what I understand, the DBA just makes my "business name" legal and people are able to write checks to that name and I'm able to have a business checking account with that name.

    I want to be 100% legal and from what I understand as long as I claim what I make and claim my expenses I'm legal with the IRS. This is only a side business making less than $10,000 per mowing season.

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    DBA means doing business as. If you owned your own company and wanted to start a lawn mowing company and a sprinkler company with two different names under the same business then you'd need a dba. I would just go with sole proprietorship.
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    DBA means doing business as like he said. But much simpler...if your name is John Jones and you were a sole proprietor who owned "ABC lawncare", you would legally be known as John Jones DBA ABC lawncare.

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    A DBA is also so customer can 'know who you are' in case there is a conflict. If by some chance a customer needs to file suit against you for some reason, they have to have SOMEBODY to file suit against. 'Joe Schmoe's LCO' doesn't work for that purpose. So you get your DBA and now it's Joe Schmoe dba 'Joe Schmoe's LCO'. Then they can sue Joe Schmoe...:laugh:

    That's just some technical legal stuff that likely wouldn't ever come into play for you, but that's one of the functions of a DBA. Essentially it's just a pseudonym.
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    Local laws can be very different. Here, you must file a DBA, period. You can't charge sales tax without one. And a bunch of other things. Here a DBA is a business name, even if it is your own. You can not send out a bill if you don't have a business name, and to get one, you must file a DBA. Always check with your local, county and state for what is and isn't required.
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    Most of the above, and.....
    If you have a DBA you will probably need to register that DBA with the state you are in. Here in MN, you do not need to register the business name if it contains your full legal name, but you do if it is other than your name.
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    Your post..........dumb.


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