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Does anyone use a computer tax program for their State and Federal taxs? If so how well does it compair to an accounts work. Keep up the great work and thank you!!!


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We have a local outfit take care of payroll for us. We also have an accountant. Between the two of them all figures are taken care of. All I have to do is sign the check ( payroll or tax).

I have found this to be an incredible time saver.


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I'm a solo operative with a good head for numbers, and Turbo Tax Home & Business is a godsend for me. I keep track of my business finances on Quicken Home & Business so importing is easy. Also, it's easy to look back over the years and compare profits, tax payments, etc.


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CPA is the only way to go .....even when solo they will find the best tax advantage one can gain ..... and you will have peace of mind as well as more time for home life