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    Yes, that is correct. I never really understood why people would choose
    the mileage deduction instead of actual expenses, but maybe it is easier for some.
  2. ECS

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    Probably because sometimes the mileage allowance = more than actual expenses do.
  3. lawnman_scott

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    because its a better diduction sometimes.
  4. TMlawncare

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    We have our tax person figure the vehicle expenses both ways, mileage and expensed. We don't put on that many miles per year so most vehicle are expense while usually one is figured with mileage.
    As far as seperate receipts at the pump, it not necessary. Just make a notation at the top of the ticket showing how many gallon truck and how many gallons for equipment. Its really that easy. At the end of the year add up all of your equipment gallons and submit it to your accountant. It usually good for .35cents per gallon used. Thats a nice little write-off.
  5. jimmyzlc

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    Ok, found it. Tax form 4136.

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