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Tax Refunds, What you buying ?


LawnSite Senior Member
It's time to file taxes and hopefully everyone is getting some money back.

What new toys do you plan on buying ?

BTW: Sorry if this was recenty asked, I didn't see anything with a search

DA Quality Lawn & YS

LawnSite Fanatic
Rochester, MN
9k straight to the Savings!!!!
Good plan, put some in retirement.

Most guys on here won't get any refund being contractors.
Because my wife works full time and has withholding, we will, and I plan to use some toward a used PU and some to retirement.

Bunton Guy

LawnSite Silver Member
charlotte nc
Someone tell me how some people have bragged to me lately that they are claiming a loss and still getting 5-10K back. I was under the impression that you had to pay in to get anything out ?


LawnSite Senior Member
What is this refund thing you speak of lol???


LawnSite Platinum Member
Northern KY
being that I do not pay all year into any taxes, I end up owing every single year, and I must be put on a payment plan monthly, then when I get that paid off, its time to start over on the next year! I was under the impression that being business owners, even if you are owed a refund, they just credit it to the next year, that really sucks if that is the truth!


LawnSite Fanatic
No refund for me, but that won't stop me from buying new toys.