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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ladibugg, Feb 9, 2003.

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    There are a couple threads that bring up taxes and write-offs from the last couple of days.
    One thing about this biz...come tax time we are all looking for something to do.

    So...since you got some time on your hands, start typing.

    What is the best write-off youv'e got going?
    Like maybe my house or maybe my kids. Both of them pay for themselves just in write offs.
    Although right now I'm thinking my accountant is worth her weight in gold.

    What is your best and worst write-offs?
    Mine would be any equipment haven't used in a year.

    What write-offs do you wish you had?
    I would like a large piece of real-estate.
    Plant some trees...
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    Not sure on the size of your outfit, but I would encourage any lager firms to incorporate. Yes you get double taxed, but there is so much more to write off. Talk to your accountant about it.

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