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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jbell113, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. jbell113

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    Wanted to know what all can u write off?
  2. Bryn

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    Basically any expense that you incure during the course of doing business.

    But understand one important point about a "right off", it is not a freebie from the goverment.

    Example: If your business/Personal tax is 25%, then you have to spend $1.00, to save $0.25 Same with your vehical expense. the goverment might give you $0.36/mile to cover gas, repair etc, but really you only get 25% of that $0.36 Think of it this way, you spend $20,000/year on vehicals, and that is an expense, and you have an income of $100,000, which means you only get taxed on $80,000, which at 25% is $20,000, so you spent $20,000 on vehicals to save sending $5,000 to the goverment. If you had an income of $100,000 and no expenses, then you would be taxed 25% of $100,00 = $25,000.

    Hope this helps, and I have got it right. Nothing worse than licking egg off ones face.

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    I would suggest buying a good tax guide (I like the Ernst & Young edition) for starters. That'll give you the basic understanding of write-offs. When I started my biz 3 years ago I got deluged with letters from CPAs offering free consultations. That's a good idea to do as well.
  4. precisioncut

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    Talk to an accountant. Nothing will help you more than having an expert on your side. You could miss things or do the wrong thing.
  5. kbenvironmental

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    This is the last year a small business can write off 100% of a 6000lb+ GVW vehicle's purchase price, up to $100K, and, you can spread that tax break over a 5 year period if your tax liability is too low to utilize it. Next year it drops to $25k.

    Get this, as an owner of an LLC, your accountant can off-set your net losses of starting the business against any real income generated by your spouse. At $150 per billable hr, it still pays to retain a good/ethical accountant.

    Possible write-offs: business related meals, a portion of your gas card/utilities/mortgage/insurance(both home and truck/health business related vehicles, clothing, advertising....etc

    Basically anything legitimate and business-related that can reduce your "net income" reduces your tax liability.

    ps Allways depreciate your vehicles/equipment as aggressively as possible!

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