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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by scagman52, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. scagman52

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    Hello..Just wondering if you wright off the actual cost for fuel or do you file for a tax credit on feul? Can you do both? Thanks
  2. IN2MOWN

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    I write off every single drop of gas I use.

    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Get an accountant and let them handle it ....
  4. deereequipment

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    you can't do both. If you are talking about vehicle usage only, you can use actual expenses, or use the mileage.
    For equipment, you can only use actual expense.

    Get an accountant, well worth the money spent.
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    I list a limited amount of gas on my supplies. If you ever get audited and you show receipts for 500 gallons of gas for your mowers . . . ? I think the IRS would understand a reasonable amount on your supplies.

    I do my taxes as I if I was going to be audited regardless.
  6. LawnGuy73

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    Who pays taxes?

    Just kidding....My accountant gets a big old stack of reciepts and takes care of all that for me.

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