taxes and keeping records?


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what is the best way to keep track of all your expenses and earnings without that expensive software. I've been in business for two years now and the business is starting to grow but I think I can get away with another year without the software. I have a computer with word, and excel so maybe I can make a sheet to keep track. any help would be great?

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I did spreadsheets in Excel for years. But this year I spent $129 on Quickbooks Basic and that is much easier...



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Quickbooks. This software saves me at least what it retails for every year. My version is 98 I think and it still does everything I need. It is wonderful that I can print a statement with invoice and payment history by just clicking whenever a client is late or thinks they already paid me because the invoice amount was the same two months in a row. I suck at paperwork and this program saves my ........


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Quickbooks No matter what it cost. It will be well worth it. My wife keeps my books and if there anything I need to know with a few clicks of the mouse there it is from what I did last year or 5 years
ago from customer's to equipment


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Quickbooks, Have your accountant tell you how to set it up. Best money I have ever spent on my business.


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Quicken is really the best. You can get a 30 day trial by calling them up and then buy it after that if you like it. Yes you can use excel but the time it takes to set up and knowledge of programing the cells to do the math for you you'd be better off buying Quicken. I would check on e-bay. I bought a older version (2002) new in box for like $40.


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I use spreadsheets and databases in ms works. What version do you have? If you want mine to look at for ideas let me know your e-mail.

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