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    I am a sole proprietor, Where on the schedule c do you put the fuel expense for mowers and equipment?<p>----------<br>Currin<p>
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    Ours is included in equip maintenance, you could list separately on line 27 (recap of Part 5 on back page).<br>Also should file Form 4136 with your fed taxes if you kept separate track of equipment fuel. You can get credit of $0.184/gal. In some states you can also get state fuel tax refunded: in IN use form GR-4136: a separate filing direct to Dept of Rev to get $0.15/gal refunded directly. In Indiana you need to send in original receipts, and receipt format is explicitly defined.<br>Takes a little research, and a little time to track, but gas costs me $.334 less than pump price for equipment.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN

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