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    In years past I have always done my own taxes. My mowing business has been a suppliment to my pay from the fire department. However with the addition of my son joining me it has become more of a BUSINESS than a part time income. Therfore I am not sure if I want to tackle the taxes myself or get someone to do them for me. We have a Joint Venture Agreement in place but I'm still leary.
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    "Pay Ceasar what Ceasar is do." O Ya, Do not forget quarterly taxes are due on the 15th. :cry:
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    I use TurboTax Home and Biz for my pers. and biz taxes. Things are really fairly simple, I am confident in the prep that I do, and the job it does. Unless your business is very complex, you can probably do yourself, but if you are chicken, use a tax acct.

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