TBCL Applicator and I don't mix!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PLM-1, Jun 30, 2006.

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    I show up at one of my accounts to mow and there is a TBCL truck there with his hose drug out. I thought WTF? I have taken care of that end for this customer for 3 years as well as mowed. I park way the heck down the street because he was taking my spot, and I roll up on the mower to move the trashcans out of the yard and he comes storming down to me. "Don't you have some other place you can mow?" he said. "Nope, last one for the day," i fibbed. He said, "well you aren't mowing this one today anyway 'cause i'm sprayin' it." I then asked him where I send an invoice for the stop charge and advised him that just ferted last week, "well it's my yard and has been I don't know nothin about no stop charge I'm not gonna make no money if i have to come back," he screamed. Then he called me an arrogant prick, well I had enough. I whip out the trusty cell phone and called the number on his truck 1800trugreen. I must say that office people are very nice and didn't take this lightly. They advise me that my client is NOT one of their customers. My customers address is 922 XXX and he was supposed to be at 921 XXX. How funny is this?? And get this, what he sprayed was fertilizer and for "bugs", in my customers back yard with their dogs running around in it. I couldn't stand to go near the back of this property because of the smell. I could smell it 250 ft away. I then call my customer at work and tell them what happened. She says that this is not the first time they have showed up and just started spraying ... she was rather PO'd. I don't get it, are they that stupid? They must sniff too many chemicals...
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    That's the legacy of formerly being associated with orkin and ecolab.
    Their pest services are the same.

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