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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 1idejim, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. ASI

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    Triplett 3271
    HP j2177a pair scanner
    Both work well.
  2. gar

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    Hey Jim, I'm an irrigation tech here in the Tampa area. Recently a "cable guy" suggested for me to use a TDR to find the distance to a short or fault. I hadn't even heard of that device before. He thought it might work w/ valve wires. After googling a bit I found your thread where you showed an example using the Triplett. What kind of connection did you use since the TDR is made for coax. I see it has a BNC fitting but from there how did you adapt it to the alligator clips ? thanks, gar
  3. 1idejim

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    the triplett comes with a pair of 4" bnc x alligator clips. i had a pair made at the local CB shop but i gave them to either billy or gregg. the pair that i am using on my snapshot SSTDR are a pair that i also made for my triplett.

    i sent the pair that came with the snapshot with the triplett i loaned to waterlogged. they're travelling in a circle :laugh:.

    they're easy to make but you canbuy them for less than $20 online.

    smart cable guy :)
  4. gar

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    Thanks Jim. I have the Triplett 3271. Indeed I did find the set of clips tucked in a pocket inside the case ! It was easy to miss. Thanks for mentioning that its included. The box and instructions don't even mention it.

    I did a brief search and found the following link to buy a longer set if need be. I would think that I will need them.

    Is a 50 ohm set what I would need ? Instructions say the range is from 50+

  5. 1idejim

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  6. 1idejim

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    don't worry about it, once you get pm priv i can send you quite a bit more info or you can call me when you get started and i can walk you through a session
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  7. gar

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    excellent, thank you Jim....

    In your opinion is the Triplett 3271 a good choice overall ?

  8. 1idejim

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    my opinion of any product is subject to change when i find a better product. for a lot of years i have been using the CLT2 or the 3271 so that in itself says a lot.

    i have been using the T-3 Snapshot for the last few months and finally sent my 3271 to a good friend in texas to try for a couple of months. i am pretty cautious when it comes to trying new products. first i never do a job without a backup locator in case the new one fails me. secondly once i feel confident with the new equipment i loan the backup to a friend so i have to push through with the new equipment.

    the 3271 is prolly the best TDR that i have used that is below $200.

    i haven't used the Psiber or a few of the others that are below $350.

    i can say that the 3271 is well worth the money that you've spent and it's also worth the investment in time required to learn to use it.

    answer me this, have you tried it out on any wiring yet?
  9. Irrigation Contractor

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    Hat Tip to Jim R.

    Project X is coming UPS, so be ready for a bunch of phone calls from Adam! LOL

    The T3 Snap Shot's we purchased a few months ago are being used weekly by the service techs and I would highly recommend serious irrigation service companies to consider purchasing one unit.

    Not to get off track, but this is on topic or close to it. We have a Ditch Witch Wire Locator, Rigid R22, and 5 - 521's, but we are looking to begin moving towards bringing in new locators as they older units need replacing.

    What model is everyone going with right now, or which one would you want if you could have anyone unit on the market?
  10. 1idejim

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    I like the metrotech 9800 xt sfl for various reasons but especially because you can trace wire paths and locate ground faults at the same time.
    4.8 k fault freq
    simul tone
    ABFS & AIM
    Current measurement.
    digital display.

    of course i am an Armada fan euen though i own more tempo / progressive / greenlee locators.

    it's not that i don't like greenlees 521a so much as i feel that greenlee is such a huge company that deals with so many products that seem to be much more important than improving thcir irrigation locators.

    the pro800 is the most sophisticated wire and valve locator made thanks to Bruce Nelson and his crews desire to produce the finest locator for the dollar. They listen to chumps like me and act on our needs and wants when designing a locator.

    there is a need for both a compact valve locator and a high freq line locator and both greenlee and armada fill those needs in their inventories.

    i would much rather have a digital LCD readout with current recognition for fault finding so we are back to the metrotech 9800 xt sfl.
    i would like to take the rigid seek tech Sprinkus has for a test drive though.
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