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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mrkosar, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. BCofDayton

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    Has anyone had great success with this type of product?
  2. phasthound

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    I add 250 gal water to 50 gal of AACT and treat about 5 acres. Odor is not an issue with properly brewed tea. IMO, fertilizer is not harmful to kids & pets.
  3. ICT Bill

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    It's just toxic to wells, aquafers, bays, streams, crabs, oysters, fish, bay grasses...... you get the idea
  4. Yard

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    Looks like Todd Harrington is selling the Hronek Extractors for $15,000 on craigslist:
    He also lists it on his website in the contractor section.
  5. ICT Bill

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    If you need to make huge amounts quick then that is what you should be looking at, Tim who is on here makes a very cost effective brewer for a 55 gallon barrel, most folks do a 10 to 1 ratio so it would make enough to do over 500 gallon of tea. Geotea makes a 275 gallon brewer for less than $5000, both Tim's and geotea will extract the compost you use more but it has a shelf life of a couple weeks and i believe is a better product for turf
  6. marquis de sod

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    I have often wondered why one couldn't just put a couple hundred pounds of good screeded compost plus 50 pounds of wermicompost in a 1000 gal. hydroseeder, run the pump for an hour or so and then spray that on turf. Would one have a shaken loose enough of the spore form microbes to be effective. I ask because I went the used hydroseeder route when looking for a tea sprayer.
  7. ICT Bill

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    You can and it works better than great, especially when seeding. Look out because the plant will poke you in the eye it grows so fast. The application is for hydroseeding bare ground on existing turf it knocks it down and often buries it

    A buddy screens the compost to 1/8 minus and puts 1 yard in a Finn that holds 750 gallons, they also use the slurry for stream restoration

    If you put too much compost in it will clog the hose and pumps and then you have a real mess on your hands, that is also why it needs to be screened
  8. marquis de sod

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    I used it hydroseeding this fall with great results. I have a turbo turf 750 gallon unit and put @ 400# plus 200# of paper to seed 10 k with very good results. I does make a brown slurry at those rates though and I was looking for something that would give the biology without looking like the honeywagon just sprayed your lawn. Will the bale buster knock the critters loose into the water after an hour of agitation?
    I think I have attached a photo of the seeding, it is rather brown with all the compost, and then a photo of the field six weeks later with some new clients.

    susan's camera 1303.jpg

    soccer field thank you 004.jpg
  9. jonthepain

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  10. Turboguy

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    Nice photos Marquis de sod. It looks like it worked well. Why not just add some additional dye to the mix so it has the green look you want along with the great results you have with the compost.

    I have seen guys use a hydroseeder for hydrofeeding, just basically using it to top dress and the one time I did it we used 500 pounds of compost in a 500 gallon TT HS-500-XPW. It worked great but probalby would have handled more compost. I would think letting it blend for a while would do what you suggest.

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