Tea brewing how deep should we go?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by DUSTYCEDAR, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Hey, TG and I are talking about this. I *think* I can get the same or more air moving using a squirrel cage fan blower. If I'm wrong, I'm going to have blown a few bucks "learning". If I'm right, I'm going to have saved myself a few hundred bucks. I waiting for an e-bay auction to "mature" right now. I think I can get a 5" 2.5amp 400cfm fan for under 50 bucks including shipping. I know you can dead head this type of fan. Will it move enough air? That is the question. If it works, a 4" tee should fit into the output. I could then run my 225gal tank AND the 110gal tank at the same time. It should be louder than TG's regen blower, but I can put the thing outside far enough away that I can stand a little noise. (little is the operative word here though)
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    I don't think the cage fan will work. save your money
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    Knee jerk response is "why not"?

    They use small squirrel cage fans to inflate the poly layers in green houses all over the country. These fans dead head against the air pressure in the plastic and run 24/7 for years. We are talking about 2psi here to reach 54" of vertical pressure. Those poly green houses are catching something close to 10psi to stay inflated and provide the air insulation needed. If a 5hp shop vac can blow a volatile amount of air into my 225 gallon tank, then a 400cfm squirrel cage blower has got to move 3-4 times that much air. The limiting factor is going to be the number of air holes and length of pipe IN the tank to release the air.
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    hey if it helps any the short tank did not work, so back to the tall tanks, same mold as yours, just a little more clear and less thick...... the shorter tanks would not get the DO2 up:cry::cry: so now I have 4 short tanks for fish to live in.....
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    It won't work, I tried it, you can find a used regen on ebay for like $80 sometimes. Not enough pressure for some reason
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    I just dont see the pressure and volume and energy to get it done..... thats just me so show us how it works and I will change my mind. for now this is the one I like.


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