Teach me about the 7.3 Powerstroke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CrystalCreek, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. CrystalCreek

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    So I have a bunch of Ford trucks with the 6.0. I have personally bulletproofed them all and I know this engine inside and out.

    We have been looking for a regular pick up truck for a while. My quest was a 3/4 ton, 2WD, 8' bed. Didn't care about anything else. We just needed a truck.

    Well, I was told about a possible sale from a friend. So I called this number and the guy says he is selling two trucks and they fit the bill I'm looking for. So we arrange a meeting. It is an old timer that is closing up and getting ready to retire. In fact, two old timers that are friends. They are both selling the company trucks.

    So, they are selling, 2 -Ford F350, 2WD, 8' beds, both with 7.3 Powerstroke Diesels. The trucks are 2002. Both trucks are around the 140000 mile mark. I brought my friend who is very up on Ford diesels. He climbed all over these things and took both for a ride. After that he says, buy them both, lol. So I did. Each truck was going for 5 grand but I walked out with both for 8 grand total. They are even red which is my company color. Both trucks are XLT so they're like Cadillac's compared to our XL trucks. Everything seems to work great and they are now in my yard. Each truck has to get a trailer hitch installed and a bed liner installed but I am OK with that. These trucks never saw a hard day in their lives as far as I am concerned.

    So my question and request. Can you guys give me some pointers on these truck engines. I don't have much experience with the 7.3 so I want to do it the right way. Thanks in advance.
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  2. hort101

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    Good dealsThumbs Up
    They have a great reputation and 02/03 is the last year of production
    With care will go 300k plus
    Only problem I've seen or read is the injectors and sometimes the pump
    I looked at one that had been upgraded with standyne injection missed the deal but got a 95 7.3 450
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  3. RDALawns

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    Have owned a couple of them. Definitely great trucks, capable of 300k to 400k miles . Like other trucks and equipment. Regular maintenance is essentiall on to get the best out of them. When it gets below 40° you will need to plug them up.
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  4. hort101

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    Good point RDA you reminded me of the air filter not being replaced can cause turbo charger damageThumbs Up
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  5. AI Inc

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    Is needing to plug them in under 40 degrees a sign that the ficm is getting weak? That is how I knew mine was going on my 6.0.
  6. dieselss

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    No, it's a glow plug or glow plug relay going bad on them
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  7. sehitchman

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    I'll hit 300 on my 97 soon, glow plugs, injector harness, @ 285k. Transmission @ 225 k. My 6.0 feels like a sports car in comparison. Yes, still needs plugged in, below 40, or I have to cycle the glow plugs 4-5 times and long crank.
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  8. hort101

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    Agreed in my research the auto trans is the weak link imo I got a manualThumbs Up
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  9. dieselss

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    Then you have a g.p. problem. It should start fine not plugged in to way colder
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  10. Mitty87

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    The ones I've driven never had issues below freezing. Mine, my brothers and several for a mining company I worked for.

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