Teaming up with a Credit Company


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My father-in-law used to own a construction business, more remodeling than anything. Used all subcontractors, had a few crews that worked soley for him. Anyways, he said the reason he was so successful was the fact that he had financing. Meaning he had a company that would finance the project for the customer. He got his money when he was done w/ the job and the financing arrangements were between the credit company and the homeowner. This brought in a lot of elderly customers who were on a fixed income etc. I was wondering if anyone has seen this done in the landscape industry. We have missed alot of tree jobs that were really really really needed due to danger to the property etc even after giving hefty discounts for obvious reasons. I was thinking that if we could get set up with a credit company we could bring in that business and alot of landscape business as well....

your ideas?

Tony Clifton

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North Carolina
Yea, John Deere Landscapes, and ALCA both offer homeowner financing options. You give them the estimate, and then if they want financing you call an 800 number, give the customers info, and they will tell you if the homeowner is approved, and for how much. You get paid by the finance company when the work is completed.

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