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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Dykstra Services, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Dykstra Services

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    Has anyone had any luck with going after realtors to get them to send clients your way so that you can soft-wash their roofs for added curb appeal.
    What have you done that has worked. I am thinking of trying this in our area.

    Attached are pics of a shed we did for a realtor's listing.

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    dirty shed.jpg

    clean shed.jpg

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  2. rywnygc

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    So far, I am 0-4 with realtors. I have pleny of business, not from them. They always act really excited at first and ask for me to send them information and picstures. I do, and they write or call back telling me how good every thing looks, and how much of a difference it makes...Then thats about it. I thik I'll stick to my other resources from here on out.
  3. lkendall

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    I got in contact with about 20 realtors here. One had a job for me the next day, and one other took flyers for her office.. I was expecting a better result since its not coming out of their own pocket, but rather the homeowners pocket
  4. BrettT

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    Realtors are no different than attorneys. It's all about what's in it for me? I have talked to many different Realtors, gone into endless offices, and offered all sorts of things to help them have the best looking house on the street. They do not respond. This reminds me of their attitude when home inspections first started. They didn't want anything to do with home inspectors. My opinion, don't waste you time on someone who thinks hard work is driving around, filling out papers and earning a commission that would be 10 times the price of a clean roof!
  5. Doug Rucker

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    Work with Realtors that sell high end high priced homes. They make BIGGER commissions when the home is sold so they will suggest anything to their client that will speed up the sale process. Bigger sale for you too.

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