Tear out /rebuild boulder wall

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by littleo92, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. littleo92

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    they had a small 3'tall by like 25 long boulder wall that was slide down. no tile or soil erosion material behind the boulders, yard slope from two differant direction towards the wall. gave him a price to tear it down and put it up right, he also wanted two 121Sqft patio's and a 3'x 30' paver walk and a 25' stream with a fountain, I bided him like around 7k, He email back he thought i should be able to do it for more like $5300 (cost $1500 for the patio, $600 for boulder wall, $3200 in Stream in his mind I dam near fell out of my chair). Forexample the two patios and walk way alone was going to be like 300Sqft of pavers , he had already talk to the supply place and tells me I should be able to get them for $235 a pallet 100 SQft a pallet ya no **&*! so there's $705 thats not counting me to go get them or have them deliverd, not counting about another $100 in base, sand and locking sand and the cost of equipment I would of had around $500 in that, so that left me $195 to lay all the pavers with his math WTF!!

    Guy keeps call me had a long talk thursday and told him That I could not do it for that no way, calls me again friday and say's he can tear down the boulder wall and has a small or medaium JD tractor with front end loader that we could use to help rebuild the wall needs to get rear patio and wall built before he has his second foorl deck built!
  2. rt20

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    How much less are they doing the deck for? or are you the only one that's suppose to save him money? :laugh:
  3. littleo92

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    You got me,
    He's one of these people that buys fix's a little and resells house's ,

    but he's wanting this done on his own home,

    he put the wall up orginally! thats why it's sliding, I think he thinks you can just throw up these boulders and expect them to stay ( wala)
    Plus I think I may be low a bit on my hole bid,
    heck it will take a day just to prep the two patios and walk way that's well over $200 just in labor!

    he's not the only one, I have also found this year that people have bigger eyes then there pocket books,
    I've bid the crap out of stuff and still am not getting them, I've bidded twice as much work this year then my first year out on my own, have not been getting them. must be some people out there really bid stuff dirt cheap because of the new home market, we had the state largest home builder go under here with over 600 leans on there company for unpaid bills.

    thanks (REGENCY)
  4. allinearth

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    Unless you really need work walk away. I wouldn't budge one bit. This job already sounds bad. Guy is looking for a bargain now matter what quality. I'm sure you are low anyway that is why he called you back.
  5. ANC Stone Creations

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    How about you tell him you re-ran the numbers because something did not seem right to you either and actually came up with:

    25' stream with a fountain pondless installed $4500
    3' x 25' wall removed and rebuilt $2000
    and more than 300 sq ft of patio and path installed $6000

    Total $12,500 + tax assuming you collect taxes
  6. littleo92

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    I love to do that, but he has already ask around on the material end of it, and a labor rate around here is not going for much over $32.50 Because that 's what the big boys are charging and that do'nt mean that its going to be built right.

    i'm siding with earthworker I not that hungry yet
    and yes I do collect and pay taxes unlike alot of people around DM,IA

    I'm starting to see alot more want Tom,Dick and Harry wan a be's
  7. PlatinumLandCon

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    Walk unless you need the work. I'd bid 10k+ for sure, but its a different area altogether.
  8. PSUturf

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    Up here in the land of cheese:

    boulder wall - $1500
    patios - $4900
    walk - $1900
    stream - $7000
  9. neighborguy

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    :walking: RUN LIKE THE WIND!! :walking:
  10. Summit L & D

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    You underbid the whole project from the very beginning. $12,000 +/- is a baseline price for the work to be done. It sounds like you are going to have to walk away from this one...otherwise you are going to be eating a whole lot of expense. Remember, labor costs are just a part of the equation.

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