Tearing apart the Ferris

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by CoupesCuts, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. CoupesCuts

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    Spring is almost here and I need to get the mowers ready for work. Last year I had some problems with my Ferris. First off the deck wouldn't go up and down all the time. I found this was due to a frozen pivot point. After an hour of banging, I finally got it free. Also, I had an incident with a small stump last year. Check out the bend in the deck. A little more assistance from my BFH and its good enough for government work. Check out the before and after. Tomorrow it gets a good power washing and new hydro belts.

  2. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Man it screwed that deck up good! Good luck this year and try not to hit anymore stumps lol
  3. Ben's Landscape

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    Good job with the stump!! JK Good luck mowing this season!!!
  4. South Florida Lawns

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    next time you bend a deck on the stump, I have found that if you go back over it in reverse it fixes everything.
  5. OSU 09

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    How did it feel when you kit that stump? lol I know I have caught the edge of the deck on stumps of the edges of things, it can send you for a jolt! I did it with the walkbehind once while standing on my sulky. Sent my stomach right into the handle bars, knowcked the wind out of me :dizzy:
  6. CoupesCuts

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    I definitely almost threw me off the mower. Happened in the fall and I hit it because it was under some leaves. So, I had no warning whatsoever.
  7. oakhillslandscaping

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    wow your deck isnt built up like the one on my 61" but as soon as i can get to my mower im taking the deck off like that
  8. riverwalklandscaping

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    lol :hammerhead:

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