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East Tennessee
We are starting to build our new house finally and after it is complete I would like to get the lawn looking nice. I live in E. TN and would prefer to do this in the fall but here is my question:
I have 3 acres that has been regurly bushhogged until the later part of the summer last year and then mowed with my ZTR about 10-12 times and looks 100% better but there are still tractor ruts, clobs of weeds and so forth still there. What would be the best way to redo the complete 3 acres this fall? Would I need to find someone with tractor tiller/disk to turn it this summer and then again in the fall and plant all new Bluegrass or Fescue? This is larger than anything that I have ever done before and I do not want to waste the seed on overseeding and not get rid of the ruts and clumps of weeds/grass. I know someone on this site has done this before and can help me. What type of equipment/methods can be used? You can see from the picture the type of clumpy grass/weeds that it was before mowing with the ZTR. I don't have any pics of it after mowing that I can attach.


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I think i would try to build some terraces on the slope so when you do tear it all up the hillside wont erode. Tear it up good with tractor and tiller perhaps, and i would probably overseed in fescue.


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Probably going to need a bullbozer or skidsteer to do something that big.

I would:

Hire someone to remove all of the existing weeds and about 1" of soil.
Then I would have new soil trucked in and spread out (about 1-2")
Then possibly hydroseed (might be cheaper than regular seed?)
Then water the heck out of it and start mowing it

I like NCSU's idea.. Maybe add a few terrace gardens with some bright flowers.. I guess it depends where your house is on the property.


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get it cut low, Fertilize, aerate, and seed
Lime like crazy 1 bag per 1000 sqft

i wouldn't get all complicated in this, if you just keep it cut the ruts will smooth out, just switch up the angle of cut each week

You might wanna spray weeds just before summer
Repeat the steps above in the fall.....very easy.

My dad and I have a about 3 acre we use to Fly RC planes and all we have done was keep it cut, aerated, seeded. This was on old cotton field. In the beginning it was ruff

Oh well we did have this guy with a BIG roller and it worked ok. We both have 61 Z mowers takes about an hour to cut. But people love flying those planes.


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Goshen, IN
Keep it mowed down this year. 15-20 days before your best planting date (I'm in Northern IN, for us it is Aug. 15... for you, I don't know), spray it with Round-Up, and do a soil test to see what the fertility is and IF you need lime. Wait until everything is good and dead. Rent a tractor, something to prep the soil (Harley rake, landscape rake, whatver you prefer), and a seeder. Line somebody that has a hydroseeder. Get the site ready (remove stones, debris, dead weeds, etc... level it). I would drill seed it then. Have him spray it to hold the soil and seed in place. If he adds seed to it, the better it will be. Seems like overkill. But it will look nice if Mother Nature helps out a little.

To water 3 acres is going to a task. So hope for some help from Mother Nature.

The terrance idea would look great too. But what is your budget?


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East Tennessee
Thanks for the replies everyone.
Sidebuz, I would say that by the time we get finished with the house that our budget will be GONE! I have a plug aerator and will just plug/overseed this year and plan something for next year after we a settled in all utilites/shop built.

Mow2nd, I have an electric Corsair F4-U and a Hobbico .46 Nexstar that I fly. I only fly the electric on the property and go to the club airfield for the gasser. One of my long time hobbies.

Thanks again for the info. I will keep this info for future planning after the budget comes back around.

As far as my terracing idea, it doesnt have to be a garden terrace, but a natural terrace in the lawn, just to handle some of the slope, plus erosion control. You see it alot on fields due to plowing on slopes. Depending on the direction you are facing, you can also plant rows of trees and shrubs on the terraces as wind breaks and privacy, but plant them down the hill somewhat so you do not ruin and block the wonderful view you have.


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Newport RI
Looks like a beautiful spot there. Very scenic. Nice place to live it seems.

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