"Techline CV" vs "Techline" (Netafim Dripline)

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by BigTree, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. BigTree

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    Subject: When to use Netafim Dripline "Techline CV" (TLCV) vs "Techline" (TL) for SURFACE (not subsurface) applications?

    1. When looking at Netafim dripline for residential applications they have two dripline product lines - TLCV and TL. TL costs 15% more than TLCV. So, to pay more for a product there must be some increased benefit; however, the only difference (pro) that I could see is that longer laterals are possible with TL vs TLCV (due to a minimum pressure of 15 psi required on TLCV vs 7 psi on TL to get start of flow through the emitter). Is this the only incremental positive difference between the two? And, is it typically worth paying more to get this feature? Any thougts on this topic?

    2. Why would it cost 15% more to make/sell TL than TLCV (seems as if it would cost more to make TLCV)?

    Thank you. Regards, Jerry.
  2. Mike Leary

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    Isn't one smaller for shorter runs?
  3. BigTree

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    Hi Mike,
    The tubing OD (0.66") and ID (0.55") are specified as exactly the same for both the TLCV and TL in the NetafimUSA product specification sheets. Jerry.
  4. Mike Leary

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    O.k., The "CV" is a factory installed check valve version that prevents the
    drip tube draining after the irrigation cycle. That's all we use, but in cold
    weather climes, it should be drained.
  5. irrigation man

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    just remember u cant put the 2 together,alot of people do and cant understand why it doesnt work,when mixed you can never get the 15lbs pressure at the end to open the emmiters on the tlcv
  6. MarkSanDiego

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    Why not? TLCV placed before the TL should not cause such a pressure drop that > 15 psi would fail to be reached on the distal segment unless you pushed the length of the line to the extreme. Of course, you would have to calculate the pressure drop along the TLCV segment in order to ensure your driving pressure was high enough for the distal segment to be > 15 psi. The simplest way to ensure the setup works is to place a pressure gauge on the distal end, and increase the flow at the valve until the distal end pressure was higher than 15 psi (e.g., 20-25 psi). Then check the pressure on the proximal end to ensure pressure limits were not being exceeded.
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    Holy old thread Batman
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    Old, but still comes up when searching for "TLCV vs TL", a topic that still has some interest.
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    I thought I was having some kind of sixties drug "flashback." :dizzy:
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    You are!
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