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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Sep 12, 2008.

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    According to code, we go six inches under the surface, and when above that (such as en route to transformer, etc.) we use conduit.

    It's good practice to use conduit in beds as extra protection from planting/digging. What about the code at that point? Can we go just under mulch if we use conduit? If yes, does it need to be rigid?

  2. Chris J

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    Conduit is only required when going through walls or under concrete. Everything else is subject to the 6" rule. However, it's a good idea to put conduit on the wire where it crosses bed lines, 1-2' either side.
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    I'm guessing chris has replaced some lines around springtime when the landscape companies are out edging beds.
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    Actually no. Suprisingly enough, repairing cut wires is very uncommon with my business (at least for my own installs). Sometimes we don't even put the conduit in place that I mentioned, and we certainly didn't do it in the first couple of years. Instead, we just bury the wire sufficently deep 10" minimum. However, whenever we can we will put conduit on the location for added piece of mind. I won't run to the store for extra conduit if I happen to be out of it though, I'll just continue to go deep. To date, I can only remember a few times when I repaired cut wires on my installs. And those were due to new trees being planted and the holes were at least 2' deep. I've been lucky, but now that I said that I probably just woke up the big bad bear. Just watch, I'll now have to repair several cut wires this week! :cry:

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