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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by P.Services, Apr 13, 2011.

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    Ok guys i need some serious help with technology, i know about the same amount as my 80 year old grama when it comes to computers, ethernet, internet, wifi, tablets, smart phones, cordless printers and the like.

    I really need some one who speaks the language to help me set up a entire stream line system.

    This is my do i do it.....

    1- i want one PC in the office that will always stay there
    it needs to have cordless internet. This needs to be set up with a printer that also works with #2

    2- i want a lap top for the truck that can also access the same files and data base that the office computer uses. This lap top also needs to have internet

    i also want a "docking station" in the office that i guess i hook the lap top to and it uses the lap top data base but the station has its own keyboard, mouse and flat screen. I also want to be able to print documents from this system to the printer in the office.

    3- i want three trucks to each have their own "tablet" or "ipad" or what ever i need..... i want the office pc to be able to send them a list of lawns they are mowing today, or a list of jobs on the fly. I also want my lap top to be able to communicate with these "tablets" on the fly.

    I also want these tablets to be able to send info back to the office PC as they complete a job with notes and details.

    Thats the goal and my "want list" can it be done?

    I have a blackberry phone and the office as a blackberry phone if that matters. Can i run a wifi hotspot off of these phones?

    Do they make a program for the "tablets" that allows you to except credit card payment or will i have to radio that info back to the office to have it punched in the machine manually?

    Do the tablets have a accurate GPS tracking feature on them that the lap top and the office PC can booth view?
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    If you Set your printer up as a server, you can print anywhere on it. Do you want to be able to print from your ipad? Because they make an app for that.
    Same with the remote desktop.
    Your main computer can be setup as wifi if it allows you to.
    You'll need a hub somewhere in your office. If you're realy lookig to spend some money, get wifi for your trucks.
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    As for using your phone for wifi,
    only if it allows you to tether which I know the new iPhone does but I'm not sure if the crackberry is.
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    Messages: 1,390 will do all of it for you. Go to their site and watch the videos
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