Techo-bloc Mini Creta Wall problem

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Lee MD, May 23, 2012.

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    I had an "L-shaped" sitting wall installed about four years ago and I recently noticed a gap between the capstones near the corner. I was shocked to discover that I can actually push up on the corner of the wall to straighten it out. It turns out that the corner has sagged about 1/4" based on the thickness of the shims I'm using to prop up the corner.

    The landscape company who installed my patio and the wall came out to look at the issue and they are telling me that the earthquake we had last year (I'm in Maryland) was probably the cause of the ground settling. I sent pictures to my local Techo-Bloc rep and he believes settling is the issue as well. The primary solution the landscape company suggested was to disassemble most of the wall and level out the gravel base, which would come out of my pocket. Another suggestion was to use plastic masonry shims and then squirt in some glue to hold it in place. The latter seems like a really bad option.

    Here are pics of the gap:

    Here are the pics of shims added:

    Is it unreasonable for me to expect the landscape company to fix the wall free of charge? Should the wall have settled at all if they base was built up properly? I appreciate advice on how to deal with this situation.



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