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    I was wonderinfg if any of you have had any experience with dealing with Tech Bloc, my crew recently saw a demo class done by "Paver Pete" don't get this mixed up with Herbicide Henry, anyway it just seemed like everything he spoke of was I I I I I did this I changed the industry, nothing that really made you want to use Techo, he also constantly trashed all the other block companies, I find this to be bad business practices, he also embarrassed the other speakers by calling them Yahoo's this is just our experience.
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    I've read similar things about Pete. But I went to a Techo seminar earlier this year, and didn't get that impression at all. Yeah, the guy is confident and sort of outspoken, but I got the impression of a person that worked hard to get where he was. I watched him during the lunch break, he answered guys questions and seemed very down to earth. He definitely kept everyone entertained. I've been to other all day seminars where I actually fell asleep:laugh:
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    I've known Pete for about 11 years now.

    Yes, Pete likes to self-promote :)

    But ya know do most of us that participate in these online forums, as in reality look at our posts, they all say "I" "I" "I".

    And honestly, he has made a name for himself. I think he even has his relatives and neighbors calling him "Paver Pete". Thats what we call *Name Branding*

    He knows his audience.

    You have to know Pete to love Pete. Overlook the ego and he's a decent guy.

    Compared to Techo - most of the other manufacturers are "trash". Pete tells it like it is. I respect people who are straight forward.

    Sometimes his ego lets him get carried away. A couple years ago he did a seminar, had a speaker from OUT OF STATE, he rudely only gave the man like 3 minutes to speak. And yes, he was rude. If I came from out of state and was only given 3 minutes - I would have been FURIOUS. I do not like rude people.

    Techo has a great product.

    I'm editinging this post because I type on a laptop and my fingers hit like 3 keyysss at once when I type!
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    I agree, but why trash the products he hyped as the best for so many years? it takes away the respect factor and makes you think he will move on to another company when the price is right and then that company is the new best paver.
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    Certainly can't argue with you on that one!

    Oh, it can get rather amusing when you've known someone for an extended period of time!

    Believe it or not - he HAS toned it down quite a bit!!

    See, I have this bad trait about myself - I remember everything that people say. There are certain comments I clearly recall a certain someone (bless his heart) making about the manufacturing process of a particular brand. Then, when a certain someone wound up working for another company - I clearly recall that someone making the same comments about the manufacturing process of the new company!!!
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    Pete can be abrasive, but just as your post has illustrated, he gets peoples attention and gets them talking. Agree or disagree, he definitely stimulates discussion with his passion. You will never agree with everything anyone has to say, but Pete makes you think.

    As for their product, it is a premium product at a premium price. Their quality and support is better than any other manufacturer I have dealt with. Techo-Bloc takes great pride in their product, manufacturing and innovation in the industry. If you have never tried it, especially the walls. Next small job you get, go Techo, you will not be disappointed. Being in Pennsylvania, as you are, Pete would not be your direct rep, so make contact with the Techo-Bloc rep that covers your area and the dealers he represents. Most have some great displays to show off to your client and will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs. If the dealer doesn't have a great display, let Paver Pete know and he get that taken care of. Techo know they must impress you and your client to get a shot at your business, but once they do, their quality and support should keep you happy.

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    And to be fair, this thread is titled "techo bloc".

    I will say that I had a minor concern and to my surprise I got a call from Techo. Not from Pete. Not from a manager. But from the OWNER! He took the time to hear my concern, and it turns out they were already aware and were already handeling the issue. And he also told me to feel free to shoot him an e-mail ANYTIME.

    That alone is worth it's weight in gold.

    We have NEVER had one problem with Techo's product, and have been using Techo for about 5 years.
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    Every time someone mentions that they had a problem with a certain product, there are always people that respond they had the same problem and there are always those people that have never had a problem.

    No one company is perfect. It is critical that if you have any defective product, contact your supplier as soon as possible. We will make sure your concerns are heard.

    Inca is a new product and while it is nice, I think they are having some growing pains. I understand that the molds are rubber and occasionally, dirt or waste material can get caught in the mold which will bulge it, thus creating a product that will not line up properly. I had a contractor who let me know of a problem with his lines and I immediately presented the situation to my rep. He agreed it was a problem and I immediately gave my contractor two replacement pallets while TB issued me a credit. We delivered the material and the contractor had minimal down time.

    I would expect TB will review their process and work to fix their problems while they are shut down over the winter (they do not produce material during the winter months and use this time to fix/clean/upgrade).

    Always let your suppliers know of any problems and we will work with manufacturers to improve their products.
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    Doesn't matter who has the best product if no one is there to support it.
    We had a large TB job this season since customer really wanted to use Inca stone we called one supplier since our don't sell TB and just to get the samples was a pain then we contacted TB directly and they told us they couldn't provide us with the sales rep phone # that we had to talk to our dealer and they would call the sales rep.
    And most of the TB dealers in the area are just a pain to deal with that is mi issue with TB but the times I have used their product I can say they are well design it.
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    I can understand an installer having a favorite product, and telling everyone how much they like it, but to classify "most" paver products on the market as "trash" is quite unfair. Techo is a very good product, no doubt about it, but I have also had positive experiences with Cambridge, Unilock, EP Henry, Belgard and Rinox, all who make very high quality concrete usually at a fair price. Those that dont, not worth talking about, and we shall leave it at that. No manufacturer is perfect, that is a fact.

    As for this Pete the Paver fellow bashing other manufacturers, it begs the question: if his product is so bloody good, then why does he have to put down other lines? As for him putting down other "experts", I'm sure Peter knows his stuff, and is a good show, but buy me a pint and I can come up with about 100 installers who I would rank over him.

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