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    I guess their is a "Design-Build" site but i'm already part of "plow site" for a long time, now this site so i'm sharing this here.
    Yesterday i went to Teco-Block showcase, i was pushed their by a buddy. Now I hate pavers and have spent time and lots of money on stamped concrete trainings. Concrete overlay's, waterfalls, retaining walls etc. crazy stuff. But my buddy said free coat, hats, feed you twice, so i went. I'm a small company ten years in business, 2 mowing crews, 60ft asplunda bucket truck, full time mulchin crew, then i try to Hardscape. So i'm always looking for the new hot things, this Teco-Block company blew me away. Yea they got paver stones but the company that backs you on your project is unbelievable. The Teco-Block App. for you phone or i-pad is the craziest marketing tool. You can walk the perimeter of your project with the app on and it will tell you the measurements, how much of each material you need. Then the pics. on the app. They have an in house engineer that you input your wall specs though their website and he gets you eveything you need. They gave out case's/skids of their 140 page catalog's. I actually learned some stuff about installing. Guys i travel to trainings all the time, these people got it going on. I'm going to push it.:weightlifter::weightlifter:
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    Yes Techo is like the Mercedes of pavers around here. Puts most of the other stuff out there to shame. It's pricey though. Budget minded buyers have a hard time justifying the extra cost. Nice product though. Not sure why this is posted here. It should be over in Hardscape section or General

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