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    I rebuilt the carb on a Craftsman rear engine 30" cut and cleaned it to death with carb cleaner and ran a wire through the main and idle passages of the non adjustable jet nut. Model 502.256172, engine TVM220-157069E. Engine seemed to run good and surging settled when up to temp as I tested it in the 65 degree outdoors full speed and idle with no load. I ran at 32' and 44' recently and lots of surge so I am second guessing the rebuild. It is winter here. At the lower outdoor temps, idle is bad and all speed surge. If the blades are engaged, it runs perfectly. I just presume it is designed for warm weather and it is starving in the cold. If you add in choke, it will smooth out. Wondering if this is at all normal for these old 10hp tecumseh engines. Guessing 1984 vintage.

    2nd question: The transmission is right under the seat on these. Is there a proper way to check the lube level in the transmission? And proper lube type?

    3rd question: Is there service required for the axle hub where the chain goes around?
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    1) There's a small sealed port in this carb with a small steel ball inside;


    Once this ball sticks from bad fuel (gummed up carb) there's NO cleaning it..... NO soaking NO how NO way to free the ball. Toss the carb and install a new one.....

    2) Peerless uses Bentonite grease in that trans gearcase, You have to remove the top to properly check and add grease as needed.

    3) Not sure what you mean by axle "hub", If your thinking axle bearings/bushings, Some were oil impregnated bushings and some were sealed bearings. In either case nothing is required......
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    I learned something today :waving:
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    The day is still young...you still have more to learn..
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