Tecumseh 13HP not getting fuel

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ptman, May 10, 2003.

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    I have a new Tecumseh Enduro 13HP engine that doesn’t seem to be getting gas. I took the bowl off the bottom of the carburetor and it was almost dry. Looked like it had a little water in the bowl so I poured it out. When I did, a small black tube and spring fell out. One end of the tube has a rubber ring on it. As best as I could tell, the spring went in the bowl under the tube. That’s the way I put it back together anyway. There is also a large screw on the side of the bowl. I assume this screw is to drain the bowl. I took it off and no gas came out. When I pour gas down the carburetor, the engine will run. However, it will only run for a few seconds. I am getting gas to the carburetor. Any ideas would be appreciated, as I don’t have a manual. Thanks.
  2. Maybe a dirty inlet needle? has it been sitting a while? Most likely dirt somewhere.
    See if this graphic will help.

    tech carb.jpg
  3. Too small to read. Send me an e mail address if you want me to mail you the manual page. A fax # would be the easiest.
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    Thanks a lot for the post. I did decide to try some more cleaning. Since the bowl did not have gas, and I was getting gas to the bowl, I took the bowl apart cleaned the components. Also drained the water filter in case it was contaminated with water. To make a long story short, this engine is on a Swisher tow behind mower that was sold by a dealer who leaves the product outside until it sells. The product was bought by a gentleman last yeat who never used it. When I asked him to crank it for me before I bought it, it ran very rough. It's starting to run better now but the engine still races up and down a little at full throttle. Maybe the govenor spring needs adjusting. Also, it will still stop dead for no reason (as if you cut the switch off) every once in a while. I guess I will need to buy some engine manuals.
  5. Did you drain the fuel tank and replace with fresh fuel?
    That surging is most likely caused by a fuel problem.
    Clean carb, replace fuel, replace fuel filter, adjust carb. I'd take care of those before setting governor, also make sure gov is clean and not binding before looking to adjust.
    That complete cut off sound like it could be electrical, trace wiring and check connections, could be corrosion from sitting.

    You can get a Chilton's manual at Barnes&Noble for about $25 that covers many makes of small engines up to 20 hp. I believe its the best manual to start with
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