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    My mower was running fine until one day when I took a water hose to it and washed it off. I didn't turn it upside down, I even tilted it back away from the spark plug. After washing it off I then tried to restart it, all it does is make a loud clicking noise when I pull on the rope and smoke come out of the muffler and air filter. It even sputters like it's going to start, but never does. I took apart the carburator, cleaned it out, made sure the fuel lines were not clogged, put new fuel in it. I know the spark plug is getting a spark. Still no luck. It's been setting for 3 days now, I thought if I had gotten water in the engine it would have dried itself out by now, any ideas?
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    Where to start... lots of things could have taken place with the water bath. Its possible that you forced grass, dust, dirt in general up and on to the mag. or an acumulation of bits of grass and the air gap is dirty and not making and breaking as it should. if you have spark at the plug. then that is of course not the problem... could have got water into the gas tank. could drain and refill with fresh gas. and I always have a new plug on hand to try just incase the old one has broke down. Possible that you got the air filter soaked and it can not get air . If you have air , use it to blow the unit clear of any water that may have got trapped in pockets you can't see... Good luck.

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    I had the same problem with mine this spring. I was able to get it fixed with a new air cleaner, and plug. I didn't think the air cleaner was very dirty, and I blew it out with the air compressor, but that was the culprit. These engines seem pretty picky about getting enough air. Hope this helps.
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    First, Tecumsehs are boat anchors.

    With that being said, you probably got your armature wet. Let it sit for a while or take the cover off and use a hair dryer to try and dry it out.

    You say its putting out white smoke? That's raw gas, no spark. Check the plug as well.

    You can check your air filter, but I've never seen one bad enough to not allow it to run. I heard some guy around here puts panty hose over the air filter to keep it clean.
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    Thanks for the tips guys. I put fresh gas and oil in it and still no start. It seems to be flooding out when I try and start it, I get gas in the air filter. There also seems to be a lot of gas in the spak plug when I remove it. Maybe something in the carburator got jacked around when it was tipped on it's side. I'm not too familiar with how to know the needle and float are properly positioned.
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    If the armature casing is craked then water will get in it and short it out. You can buy a new armature or try saving that one. To reseal a craked armature do what I have done. First take the armature off the engine and put it on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven set at 225*F or so. It gets that hot when on the engine so it is used to the heat. Let it cook for about 30 minutes. This will remove all the moisture. Let it cool down to room temp then reseal it with lacquer or even clear nail polish. After the lacquer drys clean off any that go on the face (flywheel side) and on the mouning so it will ground good. I have done this half a dozen times with craked armatures and saved 5 out or 6 so it works for me. Good luck.
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    Try starting it without the air filter and a fresh plug.
  8. coppertop98_98

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    Thanks guys, I got it fixed, it was the flwheel key. Put a new one in for 92 cents and it runs like it was new.

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