Tecumseh carb soleniod

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by diggerdave65, Dec 31, 2007.

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    hey all -- happy new year -- Just an update on a Tecumseh OHV17 compression relief problem I posted a few months back. Well I finally had time to tear into it and replace the compression relief cam. As restorob indicated it reallly wasnt that hard of a job. Thanks for your help!!! I got it all assembled but now have carb issues ( i suspect that b/c it sat dry for 6 months something is now "stuck' closed). The only way to get it to run is by dumping gas directly into the carb. She will fire right up and only burn that gas and then dies. The carb has a fuel shut off solenoid attached to the bowl.
    I unscrewed it and as expected gas flowed out. Is there any way to test these solenoids to see if that is the problem? Or would you suspect that the float is stuck in the closed position at this point. Anyone have a schematic of this type of carb????
    Many thanks- dave
    Tecunseh XL/C 17hp OHV
    mod OHV17 204605B (h)
    fam STP 490UIG2RA
    DOM 7346S
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    Test the solenoid by connecting it to a battery & checking for plunger movement. If it is stuck, spray some carb cleaner on it & work the plunger manually till it frees up. Problem is probably a damaged o ring beneath the solenoid. Remove the solenoid, spring & plastic main jet from the bowl. Use a pick or wire to remove the o ring from the bowl. It's very difficult to see it. replace with a new o ring & reassemble.

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