tecumseh engine block needed?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by greensx3, May 30, 2005.

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    My 5hp 10 yr old Tecumseh through a rod right through the block. Its on an Ariens comercial walk behing mower of which the rest is in great shape. So i want to buy a new block assembly from a seller on ebay who has tons of them listed but he only states the number stamped on the bottom of the block. None of his match my number exactly. My # is stampen on the bottom and is 39-0-190. His are mostly 39-0-xxx. The last three digits arent the same. Does this matter. How do figure out which one to buy. Please help. Grass growing in Nebraska. RG
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  3. greensx3

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    Most of the complete blocks from this seller sell for $20 plus $15 shipping. That seems reasonable to me. Do you think if i just get the same diam piston and matching top and bottom shafts that it will work regardless of the #'s stamped on the block itself?
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    You need to think about headbolt configuration,Intake and exhaust port size and configuration, also They can use the same crank in many engines!

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