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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by crs, Jun 6, 2005.

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    I am going to be applying Hertitage fungicide. In the past I have used a "chemlawn" type flood spray gun with good results, however I have heard some folks say they get better control with a teejet type spray due to the finer particles. I was wondering if any one had any personal experience with any difference in the two. I have both and have used each for different mixes of fert and or weed control, but i have never used the teejet for fungicide.

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    I don't think it would make any difference assuming you are using the same GPM tips on both guns with your pump at the same volume. I personally don't like the spray systems gun's pattern, because I learned and used the lesco/chemlawn gun 98% of the time. I think on target at the proper rate labeled for the target on the turf type is more important than the spray pattern in handhelds. Now when you start talking about ultra low volume apps, with booms and such, the spray pattern can start to become a big factor.
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    I prefer the Tee-Jet boom to the lesco/chemlawn gun.
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    The real question here is rate of liquid. How much water per 1000 are you applying? Most herbicides work best at 1 gal per k or less, and most fungicides work best at more than 2 gal per k.

    You need to know how heritage works, is it foliar absorbed or is it active in the roots, does it translocate up and down, or just down or just up once it hits the leaf? What about watering in?

    Answer these questions and then you will have your answer.

    Sorry I cou;dn't be more help and just tell you the answer.


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