Teenagers in the business...

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by lawnranger44, Jun 5, 2003.

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  1. lawncare3

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    I hate people like that. :angry: :mad:

    I have NEVER hung out by the pool instead of mowing. Work ALWAYS comes BEFORE fun. I can't stand the moron that sees his friend half way to a job and gives up right there. :realmad:
  2. Heron Cove PM

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  3. Jimmy348

    Jimmy348 LawnSite Member
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    Not for nothing and I applaud those individuals who have accomplished so much in their younger years(16 - 18 yoa). But come on, some of the posts I see are unbelievable. How do you live the life of a teenager, run accounts, keep records, maintain equipment, human resource management, solicit new customers and the list goes on. I mean how does an 18 year old supervise......(ok maybe there is a foreman) but who is in charge of the foreman.
    I have been thinking of the next post and what it will look like.

    "Hi, I am new to the business and already have over 200 accounts that I cut weekly. I started when I was 10 with an electric mower. Now I am 10 1/2 and I have 6 w/b's and 2 z's. I make lots of money but i will be quitting this month to go to law school. Yes, 10 year olds can get into law school (after all I established 200 accounts in 6 months)."

    Un friggin believable. :dizzy:

    To those who are being completely honest I wish you the best
  4. lawnkid

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    jimmy 348, LMAO,

    I agree, there's no way some of these guys say they got all these lawns and stuff and riders and blah blah blah. Let's get real here guys, everyone got started somewhere but you don't need to lie. I do 16 lawns a week about 9,000 -15,000 lots and this takes up all my time between all the paperwork and business requirements, school, and soccer. And you guys say you only have 36" walkbehinds doing all that. I got 2 52" hydros (only use the second one, selling the other) and even though I only mow Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, it still is timetaking. If you guys who say you have all this stuff are real, show some pics or your equipment and work. Here's some of my equipment I posted the other day. Look for the thread I posted, it has some of my work on it. Tomorrow I'll take some more equipment pics now that I'm off school.

  5. fblandscape

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    I am just going to second what Jimmy said. I have personal experience in this and have to say that it is very tough to both be in school, and have a good size company going. I guess though it also depends on what kind of accounts you are working at. 40 little mow and go accounts which are under 5,000 sq ft shouldn't be too bad. However that same number of accounts to cut, and to do all the landscape stuff they ask for is just not possible.
  6. BSDeality

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    people exaggerate on the internet, ever been to a car fanatic's site? they claim to have 380hp at the wheel on their mighty 4 cylinder, its up to you as the reader if you want to believe it.

    anys, here's my schpeel.
    just turned 20 this year, started mowing part time when i was 15 and working at a golf course. after quiting the golf course i continued mowing 5 lots a week, it was enough to pay my bills and leave a little change in my pocket. At the time i didn't have any interest in landscaping as a career. Now that i've seen the light and have also seen that there are no IT jobs i'm switching majors and plan on going fully legit as a company asap.

    Currently only doing 7 lots, but i can do them all in one day which leaves time for projects and such. 2 lots in particular are rather large (>80k sqft). I seem to be picking up new work every week now. I manage with a 50" gravely WB, Echo BP-750t (this thing rocks), a homelite trimmer (on its death bed after 4 years of abuse), 6x10 trailer and a Jeep CJ7 for a tow rig at the moment.

    My "future business plans" include selling my jeep and car and buying a diesel truck and a gravely 260z
  7. Brieldo

    Brieldo LawnSite Member
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    Here's some truth for ya:

    19 years old
    Electrical Engineering Student at Princeton University
    2003 Exmark Lazer Z EPS with the new 28hp engine
    2000 John Deere 445 with a 22HP Kawi EFI engine
    Stihl Hand equipment

    Not bad for a "Teenager"...and the great part is the money keeps coming in. For those of you that are busting your butts to make money , I commend you. However, if it's taking away from school, your social lives, or your family, it isnt worth it. My dad once told me that you have all your life to work...dont waste your young years because you never get them back...
  8. Allgreen

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    I don't know who Jimmy348's post was directed at but i do have a 48" bob-cat, a 21" toro proline, an echo stick edger, an echo back pack blower, and a kawasaki trimmer. I do around 15 accounts on certain weeks because some people want their lawn cut every other week. On the week that i don't do the every other week people i do around 9 a week (i do not do any of their landscaping)... I do all of these lawns on Friday and I might go into Saturday morning if need be. I have my brother help me on my lawns that I do. I also do work with some guy from Monday through Thursday working from 2:30 to usually 6:00 sometimes later. I am having no troubles in school and still go out every Friday night with all of my friends... I just wanted to let you know I was not lying about what i do.

    If I had a digital camera I would post pics of my equipment and work
  9. mottster

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    Im 18...I was mowin yards before i could drive. Started with an old lawnboy...went through a couple hand me downs and have settled with a 21" John Deere JX75 for right now. Cheap trimmer and blow but all afternoon i have been looking over commercial trimmers.

    Most lawns i've had is about 20...8 of them being duplexes. Gave all of them up at the end of last season except for one because I thought I would be going out-of-state for college. Staying at home and attending a Ju-Co about 30 minutes from home. Planning on getting back into it.

    Looking into somethin like a 36" WB for right now. But first...commercial trimmer...i can still carry everything i need for mowing with a couple 2x10 ramps in the back of my 85 s-10.

    Oh yeah...this year i'm working at a local LCO with 8 employees. My boss just turned 19 a couple weeks ago and graduated highschool this spring. We use 3 20hp Hydro walkers with 2 48" GHS decks, 1 42" GHS deck and 1 54" side discharge deck; 4 commercial snapper 21" mowers and we just attained a nearly new 64" Husqvarna rider....12 MPH! :D

    All squeezed into two 16" open trailers and one 20" open trailer. Oh yeah...there's the newh olland skid loader too. 2 diesel F250's and michaels leased 2002 f250 superduty pull it around.

    fun times.
  10. grassyfras

    grassyfras LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i do do about 16 to 20 a yards a week with a 36" mower with a few light landscaping projects. That is very possible for a 16 17 year old. And I dont like being social with too many people my age anymore.
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