TeePee'd yard -- don't spray?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Sep 30, 2009.

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    One of my guys skipped spraying a lawn today cuz toilet paper was everywhere. (sorry no pics) It's Homecoming weekend in this small town, and tee pee was everywhere. In the trees, shrubs, and on the lawn. Personally, I would have sprayed the lawn knowing that we're expecting 2 - 3 inches of rain in the next 48 hours. Plus - the leaves are gunna drop bigtime very soon.

    What would you do? thanks, rscvp. :confused:
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    friend of mine just lites it up.
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    I can sympathise with you!!
    Did the customer know you were on schedule for the application? This is my first question!! Then if they knew it--I would have picked up the tissue paper from the turfgrass areas--placed it in their trashcan. We have had this happen to our mowing schedule and these customers were charged an extra 25-35 bux for the headache we endured.
    I think that a phone call from the applicator to you would have been in line. You wouldn't want to go ahead and treat that lawn with tissue all over the place, then the customer make their kids or someone else hand pick the stuff with Prodiamine or Pendimethalin soaking the paper. I was thankfull to have applied barricade last week before the rains started and the leaf drop.
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    Thanks bud -- trying to mow would even be more of a headache for sure. I figure this customer has a son who plays football and is a popular student. The customer is on a 4-app program (skips the winterizer). They don't know when we're stopping by to treat their lawn, but we'll just wait until next week & try again.

    The applicator should have called me, cuz we have 2-way radios w/cell phone capabilities too. No reason why he didn't check with me, cuz Bondurant, IA is about 20 miles away. We pay big monthly fees for our phones, so he should have checked with me before leaving town. As for the pesticides being absorbed by the toilet paper....I guess I would agree on that point as well. Thanks.

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    I think the employee made the wrong decision not to call you, and the right decision not to apply.
    I'm sure you have spoken to him & now he knows to call you.

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    Larry - is that Victory Lane Auto in Bondurant still open on the diagonal? Used to get my oil changed there when I lived in Altoona.

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