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    For those of you who telemarket as a form of generating leads, what types of response rates are you seeing?
    I used to have the #s but have forgotten them. I have a pretty good idea of what to expect but want to get some other input.
    Let's say you have a list of 1,000 names. How many will actually pick up the phone, how many will give you the okay to give them an estimate, and how many sales do you expect to close?
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    .......i wonder how many are on a no call list and loathe at the fact that someone calls them during dinner, family time, ect..............
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    Actually, from my research about 90% are on the Do Not Call List. We would buy a list that excludes #'s that are on the list.
    (and before anyone starts making comments about telemarketers, I hate them just as much as everyone else, but with new construction down in my area I am doing whatever I can to add consistent revenue...can't rely on the Landscape Construction guys to be bringing in the same amount of revenue as they were 2 years ago)
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    you gotta do what you gotta do to stay afloat, especially with the current state of the industry:)
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    figure about 2% to ok you to come out to their lawn for a quote. Then figure 0.5% will buy your service.

    Telemarketing used to be the # 1 source of leads. But that was some time ago. We have out sourced telemarketing (if you really want to go this route I would suggest you out source as well unless you have a room full of phones and people to make the calls....its gonna take a whole lotta calls to generate leads)
    We thought that with the do-not-call list that we would have fewer hang ups on us, since the people that would normally hang up are on the do-no-call list. Problems seemed that the folks that are not on the list will say yes to any offer....but rarely say yes to a sale.

    The new age of geting leads is actually from the old ages. Door to door selling. Some may not remember but before telemarketing door to door is how things were sold. Not as efficient as telemarketing was before the do not call list but you can get into neighborhoods that you already service lawns so as to tighten up your routing. Or hit those newer neighborhoods.
    Now I'm not just talking door hangers (but you will want to print up a ton of those as well, I'm talking knocking on the door and speaking face to face with the homeowner...if they are not home, or just not gonna answer the door, thats when the door hanger comes in.

    That will generate sales....leads? who needs them? we want sales, right? It is a slow go process though. You will want to factor into your budget hiring people to do this for you. Get 3 or 4 neighborhoods working at one time.

    Then check out

    This cross reference directory will give you phone #'s that match the address without knowing the owners name. It will also give you the names that are not on the do not call list so you can follow up with your telemarketing. Not every homeowner will be home, not every home will buy your service right there on their front steps and of course for the ones that are not home and you leave your door hanger will need a follow up call.

    I generally do not give this kinda specific info on any industry message board. Hey, I want all to succeed but on a large message board as this one we have competitors lurking in here (obviously I dont want them to succeed so much) So this info is my Christmas gift to any that want to grow their business.

    A word of caution, there are industry specific companies out there that will telemarket for you. Keep in mind they sell their service to you...AND YOUR COMPETITORS! So every lead they send your way they probably also sold to a few other companies in your area! IF you really want to go the mass telemarketing route them I'd suggest you look into companies that sell such a service but ARE NOT GREEN INDUSTRY SPECIFIC. Check your local yellow pages, at least these companies will sell only you the leads.

    lots o luck

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    GREAT post! Thanks for the info!:clapping:

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