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  1. MIKE72K

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    Do any of you use telemarketing and if so do you do it yourself or use an outside company. If any of you know of a good outside company your input would greatly appreciated.

  2. brandtb1

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    I would be afraid to do it by myself since that no call list. I hate telemarketers calling me, so I would not use them. I would outsource it if you do use it and make sure they are responsible for the fine if they call someone on the do not call list.
  3. DeepGreenLawn

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    I don't call... I hate it when they call me so I don't call them... when I do call customers and potential customers (estimates) I call before 7:00pm. I don't do any marketing (door-to-door) past 6:00pm. Any time after this and if they show up at my door I get pissed... So I take my own desires with marketing people and apply this to my business... I may not get as many people up front but that is a sacrifice I make... we do 90% of our door-to-door about 12-4/5pm. Calls are made from 5-7, more 6ish. I try to be considerate but effective at the same time...

    Never thought of using an outside company... wander what they would cost?
  4. grassguy_

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    telemarketing can be a decent way to generate leads and at one time was a fairly simple and lucrative way to reach the masses with a small amount of initial investment. However, since the DNC list was started, something like 6-7 years ago, its effectiveness has decreased drastically. The cost of generating and making the lists have increased too through the list vendors so without a large cash outlay telemarketing is getting harder to make worth the cost. drop me and Private message if you would like to discuss it more.

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