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    Wondering if anyone has used telemarketing for their services? We are looking at adding this to our marketing program. We are family owned however the bigger companies can't be getting all the business on post cards alone. Thoughts? We do a lot of other advertising but 150-200 accounts a year isn't cutting it.
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    Cold calls were outlawed 5 years ago. You can only call your customers...unless you are a charity or politician. TruGreen and other lawn companies helped to cause this law to be enacted. Too many calls. I called thousands myself--worked well at first.

    You have to use flyers or brochures. Or first class mail. Or knock on doors. And a good referral program. Your competition will have lots of flyers. Make sure yours is the best.
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    I don't do it anymore but TM is still the cheapest lead source. I would hire a service to call. They would be responsible for the DNC list.
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    Outlawed in your state??????

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